At this time I completed an interview with Dylan’s brother, Byron Klebold (DOB 10-23-78). Byron indicated he is no longer living at the residence but returned to the residence when he heard about the incident at Columbine. He indicated that he is working as a lot technician at the Ralph Schomp dealership and that his work # is {blank}. When asked about his relationship with Dylan, Byron indicated that he was not very close to Dylan since he moved out in July of 1997. Byron indicated the last time he saw Dylan was on their father’s birthday. When asked about Dylan’s behavior, Byron indicated that Dylan appeared to be somewhat detached and he went on to explain that as a “pissed off teenager.” Byron went on to state that Dylan gave no indication to believe that something like this was going to occur. He indicated that Dylan had knives but to his knowledge had no other weapons. 

Byron went on to state that Dylan enjoyed playing games on the internet. He stated that Dylan did wear a black trench coat and that he “acted like he was tough.” When asked about friends, Byron was only familiar with three, Zack, Eric and Nate. Again, Byron indicated that Dylan’s behavior was normal and that again he wore a black trench coat to “act like a bad ass.” Again, Byron indicated that he was not familiar with anything his brother was doing but returned to the house when he had heard about the news about Columbine High School.

                               -police interview with Byron JC-001-010524 & 25